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sPINner EHD-728 11"x11" Tank Mangetic Deburring Machine

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Part Number:EC EHD-728
Earth-Chain sPINner Brand New EHD-728 11" x 11" (Tank Size) Magnetic Deburring Machine

The sPINner works best on small, precision parts, made from non-ferrous metals including: aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and titanium. The deburring process will not affect tolerances or damage delicate parts. The sPINner is used in many industries including medical, aerospace, and electronics. It is also a good fit for most parts made on CNC Swiss-type lathes

Tough & reliable, the sPINner is KING of small precision parts deburring!

  • medical parts - swiss turned
  • drilled or threaded parts
  • machined or stamped parts
  • costs less than hand deburring
  • deburr parts faster & better
  • improve quality of parts
  • see case studies on our website!

ModelDim. L x W x HTank Size L x WPowerAmps
EHD-72819" x 19" x 37"11" x 11"220V5

All power requirements are single phase.
Includes: 2 deburring containers, 1 separating container, and 1 manual.
Media and deburring solution sold separately.