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Tmx 6" 3-Jaw A2-5 Mount Power CNC Lathe Chuck-Kitagawa Style

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Part Number:TMX 3-781-0650
1 Pc. Toolmex-Tmx Brand New 6", Large Thru-Hole A2-5 Direct Mount 3-Jaws Power Operated Lathe Chuck

3-Jaw Large Hole Power Chucks, A2 Mount

  • High quality alloy steel body allows for higher speeds
  • Sharply increased dynamic gripping force greatly improves work efficiency and safety
  • Interchangeable top tooling with 1.5mm x 60° jaw serration pitch
  • Compact and lightweight, which allows for improved efficiency
  • Direct mounting to fit ASA B5.9 Type A spindle
  • High accuracy and endurance are realized due to improved lubrication system
  • Heat treated alloy steel allows this chuck to achieve high durability

3-Jaw Large Hole Power Chucks, A2 Mount

Principal Dimension

Toolmex has made our Workholding Chucks the choice for Steel and Semi-steel Manual Lathe Chucks. Whether Scroll, Independent, Oil Country, Power, or Collet, these chucks have been replacing the competition without sacrificing quality. When you purchase chucks from Toolmex you can be confident that you are buying the best chucks available on the market with a team of experts that have been trained to deliver uncompromised service.

The value of our chucks comes from the craftsmanship and quality inherent in the manufacturing process. All chucks are made to international specifications, accompanied by ease of maintenance in both steel and semi steel options. The chucks are tested at the factory then again in the Toolmex QA Lab and with select customers. You can be assured you are getting the best chucks in the world from Toolmex.

We offer the largest selection of direct mount products in the world and the largest inventory of back plates for most spindles and installation can’t be easier. Toolmex is recognized and appreciated throughout the industry for its Workholding expertise and superior products. All parts are manufactured and assembled in the same plants for consistent repeatability in material and workmanship. Spare parts and jaw options are readily available which eliminates excessive downtime for new product conversions and standard maintenance