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Techniks CAT 40 ER 32-2.76" 25K RPM @ G2.5 Balanced CNC Collet Chuck+Wrench

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Part Number:Tech-22253-1
1 Pc. Techniks Brand New CAT 40 ER 32 x 2.76" 25K RMP @ G2.5 Balanced High Speed Collet Chuck (with slotted nut) for CNC Mill w/ ER32-E Spanner Collet Chuck Wrench
    Techniks Collet Chuck Advantages
  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5
  • T.I.R. 0.0001" or better from taper to collet pocket
  • Taper ground to AT3 accuracy or better
  • Each holder lab certified for accuracy and balance
  • Includes Power Coat Nut
CAT 40, ER 32 Collet Chucks
Part#Descriptionl1DMax. ShankStop ScrewWrench
22253CAT 40 x ER 32 - 2.76", slotted nut2.76"1.97".788"0608904616

Note: Please call me @ 401-490-1141 for any questions you may have. Quantity discount available.

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