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Techniks CAT 40 1/2" x 4.724" AD+B High-Precision Extended Hydraulic CNC Coolant Toolholder-.0001" TIR

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Part Number:854032
1 Pc. Techniks Brand New CAT 40 1/2" x 4.724" Hydros 25K RMP @ G2.5 Balanced High Speed High Precision AD/B Coolant Extenede Length Hydraulic Tool Holder for CNC Mills.

HMC extended length hydros are a great choice for mould work or wherever high accuracy and smooth cutting is required.

  • Balanced to 25,000 RPM at G2.5
  • T.I.R. 0.0001" measured at 3X shank diameter
  • Taper precision ground to AT3 standard
  • AD/B CoolFLEX coolant standard Use for face milling & edge milling, drilling, reaming & chamfering
  • Use precision reduction sleeves for fast tool changes

Hydraulic Chucks provide powerful, vibration-free cutting in all materials. Hydros are a good choice when you need T.I.R. of 0.0001" and high holding power.

Tool changes are fast and easy and can be performed in-spindle without the need for setup equipment. Simply turn the adjusting screw to apply hydraulic clamping on tool shank. Use reduction sleeves to run a variety of shank sizes all from 1/8" up to 5/8"

Part No.Descriptiond1D1D2LL1L2Thread
854032CAT40AD/B-HMC 1/2-4.72 Hydro1/2"1.024"1.969"4.724"2.756"1.457"M10x1.0

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