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Quality Import 9/16" x 1" (Depth) HSS Mag Drill Annular Hole Cutter

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Part Number:IMP AC1D-9/16
1 Pcs. The Best Quality Brand New 9/16" x 1" (Depth) High Speed Steel Mag Drill Annular Hole Cutter

    Annular Cutters
  • 3/4" shank diameter with two flats
  • Cutters are interchangeable with other standard hole cutting systems
  • High Speed Steel
  • Fully Ground Flutes - Better chip ejection
  • ID Taper - Clearance for improved slug ejection
  • Alternating end tooth geometry on even flute cutters - More aggressive in the cut, can operate up to 15% faster
  • Thinner wall construction - Reduces the amount of material being removed which decreases the thrust of the cutter resulting in closer to size hole with less horsepower
  • CNC manufacturing technology - Consistent cutter geometry, cutter to cutter
  • Metallurgical testing - Ensures reliability of our proprietary Molybdenum M-2 based steel
  • Margin on cutting diameter - Reduced rubbing in the cut results in less heat, better holes size and surface finish

Size Dia
of ID
of Flutes
9/16" .284" 4