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Mitee-Bite 4"/6" VersaGrip Steel Vise Jaw Set for CNC Mill Vises

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1 Set (2 Pcs.) Mitee-Bite Products LLC Made in USA Brand New 4" or 6" VersaGrip Vise Jaw w/Mounting Holes for CNC Mill Vises. Set includes 4 VersaGrips

VersaGrip™, as the name implies, offers the versatility of clamping standard vise work as well as providing a solution for difficult applications that would normally require fixturing or machining soft-jaws. By simply replacing your current jaws with the VersaGrip™ system you can securely hold odd shaped parts while machining at speeds and feeds you never thought possible.

This system can accommodate a wide range of part sizes as well as holding multiple parts in a single cycle. The hardened (52-54 RC) VersaGrip™ has penetrating teeth designed to bite into your workpiece preventing lateral and horizontal movement. These grips will hold flame cut parts, castings, even parts with a negative draft!


Vise (metric)A (metric)B (metric)C (metric)D (metric)E (metric)
4"/6" (100 mm/150 mm)6.0 (150)1.88 (47.75)1.0 (25.4)2.5/3.88 (63.5/98.55).688/.94 (17.47/23.87)


These generic images shows how these VersaGrip Vise Jaws can be use for application. You will only get described one set nothing else.


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