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Llambrich Model JKP-130 J-33 1/2" x 33JT Super Precision Drill Chuck-.0016" TIR

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1 Pc. Llambrich Brand New 1/2" x 33JT Model No.JKP-130- J-33 Super Precision Keyless Drill Chuck for CNC Mill or Drill
    JKP - Super Precision Keyless Drill Chuck
  • 100% of JKP drill chucks are individually controlled to ensure a maximum total indicator run-out of 0.0016".
  • Self-tightening mechanism automatically increased the clamping forces in proportion to the increase in torque during the drilling operation. This prevents tool slippage in clockwise rotation.
  • Left hand rotation is available upon request.

Llmabrich has been designing, engineering and manufacturing drill chucks and machine tools accessories since 1957. Llambrich has been the pioneer and inventor of the precision keyless chuck the guarantees the lowest run-out fo concentricity since 1983. All high performance drill chucks come with a certificate of inspection that guarantees a maximum run-out if 0.0012" (valid for Hexa chucks only). All chucks are precision tested and certified. Inspections for concentricity are performed adhering to the most demanding standing in the metalworking industry.

JKP Super Precision Keyless Drill Chuck

JKP-130 J-331/32"-1/2"33JT1.929"3.583"4.055"


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