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Keo #6 to 1/2"+1/32" oversize M35-5% Cobalt Precision Cap Screw Counterbores Set

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5 Pcs. Keo Cutters Brand New Made in Great Britain #6, #8, #10, 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" +1/32 O/S (oversize) M35-5% Cobalt Precision 3- Flute Cap Screw Counterbores/Kounterbores Set, Integral Pilot, Straight Shank, CNC Precision Ground, Cobalt HSS.


    Precision 3-Flute Cap Screw Kounterbores
  • Integral Pilot, Straight Shank, CNC Precision Ground, Cobalt HSS
  • Micro-smooth CNC precision ground for precision smooth counterboring.
  • M35 Cobalt: HSS, 6% Tungsten, 5% Moly, 5% Cobalt — long tool life in all types of materials.
  • High performance cutting action due to secondary relief behind cutting edge margin.
  • Optimized helix for chip evacuation — chips flow away from cut without wrapping around tool.



Diameter (A)
Diameter (B)
OAL (C)Shank
Diameter (D)
Assembly Criteria
#6 + 1/32 O/S#6.169.26037/321/32" Clearance
#8 + 1/32 O/S#8.195.30431/41/32" Clearance
#10 + 1/32 O/S#10.221.3464.59/321/32" Clearance
1/4" + 1/32 O/S1/4.281.4144.55/161/32" Clearance
5/16" + 1/32 O/S5/16.343.5074.53/81/32" Clearance
3/8" + 1/32 O/S3/8.406.60451/21/32" Clearance
1/2" + 1/32 O/S1/2.531.78961/21/32" Clearance

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