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Hanita 5/8" Carbide Fine-Pitch Roughing End Mill-S.S,Titanium,Inconel

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Hanita Brand New Made in Isreal 5/8" x 1-1/4" (LOC) x 3-1/2" 4 FLT Series 4S0R Solid Carbide Fine-Pitch Roughing End Mill for Steels, EDP # 4S0R16006

With a focused objective of maximum metal removal capability for the particular workpiece material at hand, Hanita provides a wide range of unique sinusoidal profiles and chipbreaker forms required to attain that objective.Far more than just a given pitch size, Hanita profile designs are uniquely formed and fine tuned to optimize chip form, size and speed of evacuation generated by a given workpiece material.

Special proprietary carbide substrate materials and in-house high quality PVD coatings combine with these unique geometries to provide Hanita users a capability of significantly reducing machining time, with heavier and deepercuts, fewer passes and much faster surface speed.

There are many applications when semi finished surface are a cceptable on a part. For these situations, Hanita offers a range of semi-finishing styles capable of producing extraordinary metal removal rates, while leaving goodsurface finishes and thereby reducing machining time by hundreds of percents, with fewer tool changes and too passes.

  • Provide maximum metal removal rates in both slotting and profiling operations.
  • Specific geometries targeted for, Aluminum, Steels, Stainless Steels, High Temperature Alloys, Titanium, Hardened and Ultra Hard Materials.