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GS Tooling CAT40 3/4" 20K RPM CNC Milling Chuck Kit w/8 Collets,Wrench-.0002TIR

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Part Number:GS 531-253-KIT
1 Pc. GS Tooling Brand New CAT 40 3/4" x 3.54" (Gage Length) High Speed Balanced G6.3 @ 20,000 RPM CNC Milling Chuck w/8 Pc 1/8" to 5/8" x 16ths Milling Chuck Collet Set & Wrench
    Kit Includes:
  • 1 Pc. GS Tooling CAT 40 3/4" x 3.54" 20K RPM Balanced CNC Milling Chuck
  • 8 Pcs. GS Tooling 1/8" to 5/8" x 16ths 0.0001" Runout Milling Chuck Collet Set
  • 1 Pc. GS Tooling 3/4" Milling Chuck Wrench

Extreme Rigidity - The extra thick design assures a powerful clamping force capability, minimizing vibration and distortion. Long Life - Superior steel alloy allows tough hardening treatment for greater durability. Bore Slots - High accuracy and a very powerful gripping force is achieved evenly over the entire length of the chuck right down to the nose. This is generated by the long fine slots of the internal bore which is an integral part of the entire body. This design further assures accuracy by its self-centering operation. When the nut is firmly clamped, the greater theconcentricity.

  • DIN coolant thru the flange
  • Rough milling or ‘hogging’ operations
  • Improved tool life over regular end-mill holders ‘360°’ gripping contact
  • Extreme rigidity over taper collets
  • 0.0002” TIR for maximum tool life and accuracy
  • AT3 or better taper accuracy
  • Each holder balanced with Hoffman Machine
  • Each holder comes with inspection lab report

GS Tooling has developed a line of CNC tooling manufactured with a modified standard drive slot to properly equalize the weight. This change in tool design enables GS Tooling to meet tolerance machine spindles are made to. GS Tooling can run up to 20,000 RPM without putting unneeded stress on the machine spindle.

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