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Fowler 2D Coaxial Set-Inch

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Part Number:FWL-52-710-025-0
Fowler 2D Coaxial Set-Inch

Use the 2D Coaxial Set for accurate component centering and positioning in most machining applications. The dial remains stationary during the rotation of the machine spindle.
    • Indicator assembly with 1.6" (42.5mm) diameter dial
    • Graduations and revolution counter 0.0005" (.01mm)
    • 3 Internal and 3 External feelers
    • Center point feeler
    • Restraining arm
      • Length: 6-7/8" (175mm)
      • Shank: 3/8" dia. x 7/8" (10mm x 20mm) long
      • Feeler ball: 1/8" (3mm) dia.
      • Dial readings: 0-50
      • Measuring range: 0.250" (6mm) axis offset
      • Speed—recommended not to exceed approx. 800 RPM
      • Repeatability to within 0.0002" (0.005mm) of true center
      • Capacity depends on feelers installed, but overall range is 5/32-12" (4-300mm) internal diameter; 0-12" (0-300mm) external diameter

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