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Earth-Chain EEPM-2540W 16.9"(L)x9.4"(W)x2.8"(H) MagVise Electro-Permanent Chuck

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Part Number:EC EEPM-2540W
1 Pc. Earth-Chain Brand New EEPM-2540W 16.9"(L) x 9.4"(W) x 2.8"(H) 18 (Poles) MagVise EEPM Electro-Permanent Chuck

MagVISE EEPM (electro permanent) chucks are used for normal and heavy duty drilling, milling, and boring operations on medium or large sized work pieces. Rough and uneven stock is no problem to hold. Simply use the sliding pole extensions to support uneven work pieces. A minimum of 4 alternate poles contact is necessary for optimum magnetic holding power. Minimum thickness of job- 1/2".

EEPM magnetic workholding chucks drastically reduce set up time while maintaining uniform electro permanent holding power over the entire work piece. Since work piece distortion does not occur, tool chatter is minimized and surface finish and tool life are improved.

No electricity is needed to keep the EEPM chuck ON, the magnet keeps on holding tight even during a complete power loss. Easily integrated with Pallet changing and FMS Systems.

Choose magnetic workholding for uniform holding of the workpiece, without part distortion or dead spots. Uniform workholding reduces chatter and harmonics for improved surface finish and tool life.

Electro Permanent Magnetic Workholding Chucks Chuck Controller Included


  • Machine 5 sides and through-hole drilling
  • Will not lose holding power during power outage
  • Spring-loaded induction blocks hold warped stock
  • Cut set-up & part change-over times in half
  • Improved machining for better finish and tool life
  • Uniform holding = No workpiece deformation

ModelL x W x HPolesAmpsSubplates*Controller
EEPM-2540W16.9" x 9.4" x 2.8"1835EEPM-2540ISPEEPM-C1

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MagVISE EEPM Application Examples

MagVISE EEPM Electro-Permanent Chuck Accessories (Sold Separately)

Pole Extensions
    Use Pole Extensions For:
  • 5-sided machining and thru-hole drilling
  • Holding warped or irregularly shaped stock
  • Create work-stops for accurate part alignment

    Machinable Subplates:
  • Fast, repeatable part positioning
  • Great for repeat jobs
  • Protects chuck surface
Custom Tombstones
    Built to your specifications:
  • Gang part setups together
  • Fastest setups for pallet systems
  • Ideal for work cube process

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