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Bison-Bial Type 8410 2.68" (Head Dia.) x MT#4 Automatic Hydraulic Face Driver Live Center for Lathe

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Part Number:7-590-041
1 Pc. Bison-Bial Brand New 2.68" (Head Dia) x MT # 4 Automatic Hydraulic Face Driver (with RH pins) Live Center for Lathe
  • Ideal holding device for a modern, high production lathe
  • Specially suited to repetition work
  • Slim design
  • All wearable parts hardened and ground
  • No service required
  • Spring loaded center
  • Carrier teeth based on hydro-plastic medium adjust automatically to work piece
  • Save set up time - One setting for machining all work pieces
  • Heavier cuts without slippage
  • Higher egocentricity and accuracy
  • Most effective driving action even with irregular faces
  • All drive plate components are hardened and ground for long life
  • Complete OD machining in ONE clamping
  • Accurate end location
  • Load and unload automatically
  • Eliminate preliminary machining of end faces
  • Wide range clamping capability


Head Dia
Clamping Range
Max. Wt of Workpiece
Max Arial Load



Bison-BIAL History

Bison-Bial, founded in 1948, is the largest manufacturer in Poland of technological tooling for manufacturing and has been a world leader in the machine tool accessory industry for decades. Bison produces a wide range of machine tool accessories used in the aerospace, energy, automotive, medical, defense and subcontract industries. Bison USA is headquartered in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio