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Bison 8" 4-Jaw Steel Body Independent Lathe Chuck w/Two Piece Reversible Jaws

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1 Pc. Bison-Bial Brand New 8" 4-Jaw Steel Body Independent Lathe Chuck, w/Two Piece Reversible Jaws. This Chuck is plain back that would need to be mounted on a backplate and then onto a lathe. Backplate is not include with this chuck. Please contact me for type of backplate you need & I will help you out.


    4-Jaw Independent Lathe Chucks

  • Steel and semi-steel body
  • Medium duty and heavy duty 4-jaw independent chucks are designed to grip round or odd shaped work
  • Medium duty chucks have a semi-steel body and hard solid reversible jaws
  • Bison’s 36" diameter chuck has two-piece hard reversible jaws
  • Heavy duty chucks have a steel body and two-piece hard reversible jaws
  • Hard top and hard master jaws are made of high quality alloy steel, then hardened and ground
  • Solid jaws are made of high quality carbon steel, then hardened
  • 4-Jaw semi-steel body lathe chucks come with hard solid reversible jaws



    Standard Accessories for 3-1/2" thru 32" Diameter Chucks
  • 1 Set of hard solid reversible jaws
  • 1 Wrench
  • 1 Set of clamping bolts



    Optional Accessories
  • Hard top jaws
  • Hard master jaws
  • Soft top jaws


4-Jaw Steel Body Independent Lathe Chuck w/ Two-Piece Reversible Jaws

d1*EFCHh1hChuck Mounting BoltsWt
Per Set

* d1 is the maximum allowed through hole enlargement
** The maximum load capacity per one chuck is rated for plain back, type A1/A2 and type D1 chucks
***The maximum RPM was estimated for round and centered workpieces ONLY, machined in plain back and direct mount chucks

    The maximum load capacity and maximum RPM have been calculated per the following conditions:
  • Workpiece is supported by a live center
  • Workpiece is gripped in two chucks
NOTE: Bison does not recommend any chuck alterations


Over 50 years of Quality European Manufacturing have made BISON the number one choice for Steel and Semi Steel Manual Lathe Chucks. Whether scroll, independent or collet, these chucks have been replacing their competitors for the last 30 years without sacrificing production.

The value of Bison Chucks is not just their exceptional price but also European craftsmanship, made to international specifications, accompanied by an ease of maintenance.

Offered with direct spindle mounting or special application back plates the easy installation of Bison is recognized and appreciated throughout the industry. All parts are manufactured and assembled in the same plant for consistent repeatability in material and workmanship. Spare parts and jaw options are readily available which eliminates excessive downtime for new product conversions and standard maintenance



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