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Bison 6" 6-Jaw SET-TRU Scorll Forged Steel Lathe Chuck-.0004" TIR, w/Fine Adj.

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Part Number:7-868-0600
1 Pc. Bison-BIAL Brand New 6" "SET-TRU" Scroll 6-Jaw Forged Steel Body Lathe Chuck, 0.0004" TIR, w/Two-Piece Reversible Hard Jaws, Fine Adjustment, 3 Pinion Design. This Chuck is rear mounting, plain back chuck that would need to be mounted on a backplate and then onto a lathe. Backplate is not include with this chuck. Please contact me for type of backplate you need & I will help you out.


    Each chuck is provided with:
  • 1 Set of hard master jaws
  • 1 Set of hard top reversible jaws
  • 1 Chuck wrench
  • 1 Set of mounting bolts
  • 1 Set of fine adjustment screws
  • 2 Hex keys




  • Bison SET-TRU Scroll Chucks can be used for all machining operations where universal chucks are used, along with applications where universal scroll chucks are unsuitable
  • Outstanding accuracy, versatility and long life make Bison SET-TRU chucks invaluable in the modern workshop and indispensable in the toolroom



    Features of 6-Jaw SET-TRU Chucks:
  • The 6 jaws grip firmly with less pressure and less distortion per jaw
  • Ideal for thin wall and second operation work
  • Eliminates the need for spring collets



    SET-TRU Chuck Features and Benefits:
  • Fine adjustment
  • Forged steel body
  • 3 pinion design
  • 4 micro adjustment screws provide .0004" T.I.R. repeatability
  • 16", 20" and 25" diameter chucks with 3 jaws and 6 jaws use 8 micro adjustment screws achieving extremely high gripping concentricity
  • Two piece top and master jaws are American Standard tongue and groove
  • 4" diameter chuck has 2 sets of solid jaws
  • Chuck body is constructed of high quality forged steel, making it safe to run at high lathe speeds
  • Scrolls are forged and fully hardened with thread flanks ground on both sides, then precisely balanced for longer life and higher accuracy
  • Each scroll is precisely balanced
  • Jaw teeth and guides on both sides are fully hardened and ground. Hardened and ground bushings are pressed into the pinion seats. Pinions in 3 pinion models are hardened and ground
  • Each chuck is balanced within fine limits
  • Steel mounting plates are interchangeable with Bison SET-TRU chucks of the same size so that one chuck can be used on different spindles
  • The life of your Bison chuck can be extended significantly through proper maintenance. It must be cleaned on a regular basis as recommended
  • For the best gripping results, use the Bison recommended chuck grease: Part Number 7-799-025



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Over 50 years of Quality European Manufacturing have made BISON the number one choice for Steel and Semi Steel Manual Lathe Chucks. Whether scroll, independent or collet, these chucks have been replacing their competitors for the last 30 years without sacrificing production.

The value of Bison Chucks is not just their exceptional price but also European craftsmanship, made to international specifications, accompanied by an ease of maintenance.

Offered with direct spindle mounting or special application back plates the easy installation of Bison is recognized and appreciated throughout the industry. All parts are manufactured and assembled in the same plant for consistent repeatability in material and workmanship. Spare parts and jaw options are readily available which eliminates excessive downtime for new product conversions and standard maintenance


Clamping Range for 6-Jaw Chucks w/ Two-Pieces Jaws