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7 Pcs. Techniks Shoda New Style 1/8 to 3/4" Collet Set for CNC Routers

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Part Number:Tech SD-C015-SET
5 Pcs. Techniks Brand New Shoda 24mm (New Style) 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" & 3/4" Collet Set for CNC Routers
  • Precision ground accuracy
  • Heat-treated carbon steel
  • Individually inspected

Techniks Shoda collets are the most accurate in the industry. We use heat-treated high carbon bearing steel and a Swiss grinding technique that ensures accuracy.

Shoda Collets
SD-C015-.125Shoda 24mm (new style) 1/8" collet24mm.125"52
SD-C015-.250Shoda 24mm (new style) 1/4" collet24mm.250"52
SD-C015-.312Shoda 24mm (new style) 5/16" collet24mm.312"52
SD-C015-.375Shoda 24mm (new style) 3/8" collet24mm.375"52
SD-C015-.500Shoda 24mm (new style) 1/2" collet24mm.500"52
SD-C015-.625Shoda 24mm (new style) 5/8" collet24mm.625"52
SD-C015-.750Shoda 24mm (new style) 3/4" collet24mm.750"52

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