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60 Pcs. Made in USA No.1 to 60 HSS Straight Flute Reamer Set w/Metal Index

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60 Pcs. Made in USA Brand New No.1 to 60 High Speed Steel Straight Flute Straight Shank Reamer Set w/Metal Index

Designed for use in turret lathes, screw machines, drill presses and all types of machined tool equipment. Ground with 45 Deg. chamfer, they are suitable for reaming most materials ordinarily encountered. All reamers made to NAS 897 standards for geometric specifications.
These sets provide a method of maintaining a complete stock of remaers in ranges to suit your requirements. They have particular benifits in tool and die shops where they save time and energy. A stock on a machinist's workbench saves many trip to tool crib.

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