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6 Pc.Morse 3/8-16 SHEARTAP Spiral Flute BTM CNC S/O Taps-Steel & SS up to 35HRc

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6 Pcs. Morse Cutting Tool Brand New Made in USA List 2091 3/8-16 NC GH3 3 FLT "SHAERTAP" Spiral Fluted Semi-Bottoming Style Steam Oxided High-Performance CNC Taps, Premium High Speed Steel
48° Helix Angle Sprial Flute – CNC Reduced Neck Design
Steam Oxide over Nitride – Premium High Speed Steel

  • SHEARTAP™ offers exceptional value for high volume tapping. The geometry is optimized for long-chipping steels and stainless steels up to a hardness of 35Rc. Made with Premium High Speed Steel with an enhanced flute design, the SHEARTAP™ offer great chip management, cutting edge strength and wear resistance, resulting in a high quality threads.
  • Semi-Bottoming Style (2-3 thread chamfer) allows threading close to the bottom of blind holes but cuts more efficiently than standard bottoming taps due to a slightly longer chamfer which distributes the cutting load over a greater number of teeth.
  • CNC Reduced Neck Design enhances chip evacuation and cutting fluid flow to the cutting teeth for reduced friction, heat and galling. Also reduces contact between the tap and the work piece.
  • Steam Oxide over Nitride features a hard abrasive resistant Nitride Base for enhanced tool life in abrasive materials including cast iron. Steam Oxide surface treatment reduces friction, loading and galling, helps retain cutting fluids, improves thread quality and extends tool life.