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6 Pc Techniks CAT 40 SPU 1/2" Integral Shank Precision Keyless CNC Drill Chucks

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Part Number:Tech-22403-6
6 Pcs. Techniks Brand New CAT 40 1/2" x 4.00" Precision Integral Shank Keyless Drill Chucks for CNC Mill
  • Holds 3 times tighter than ordinary chucks
  • Chuck will not come off during operation
  • Replaceable drill chuck

With this chuck you can run non-standard shank diameters without having to buy special collets. Holds shanks sizes up to .5" diameter.
Drawbolt design prevents chuck from coming off during operation, possibly causing a hazardous situation.

CAT 40 SPU Precision Drill Chucks
22403CAT 40 SPU drill chuck 1/2"- 4"101.6mm169.9mm63.5mm50mm13mm

Note: Please call me @ 401-490-1141 for any questions you may have. Quantity discount available.