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4 Pcs. Mitee-Bite .400"x3/8-16 Workholding Pitbull Clamps-Holding Force 6,000Lbs

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4 Pcs. Mitee-Bite Products LLC Made in USA Brand New .400" (A) x .450" (B) x 3/8-16 (Screw Size) Tool Steel, Knife Edge Workholding Pitbull Clamps, Holding Force is 6,000 Lbs

The revolutionary Pitbull Clamp remains the lowest profile, highest holding force clamp in the industry today. High vertical and horizontal clamping forces are generated, considering the size of the Pitbull Clamps. It uses a standard cap screw and an oil resistant O-ring. The Pitbull Clamp is available in 5 sizes and several styles, a tool steel knife edge for aggressive stock removal, a tool steel blunt edge for general purpose and a brass version to help prevent marring the workpiece

    Unique features of Pitbull Clamps:
  • Extremely low bite
  • Positive down force
  • High resistance to rip-out
  • Simple, sturdy, high quality design and components
  • Gain maximum tool access to your work
  • Virtually eliminate lost work


Pitbull Installation

    Creating Fixtures is Easy... Simply:
  1. Machine a slot for the Pitbull Clamp
  2. Drill and tap a hole for the cap screw
  3. Assemble the clamp as shown in diagram below
  4. Position clamp as shown in diagram and loosely screw to fixture
  5. Insert workpiece and tighten cap screw



Tool Steel, Knife Edge.400.4501.000.250.7101.0003/8-1630.006,000 lbs.0500


These images shows how these Original Fixture Clamp can be use for application. You will only get described clamps nothing else.

Both versions of the tool steel clamps generate thesame clamping pressure. However, the Knife Edge clamps bite into the material for more aggressive machining, while the Blunt Edge is less likely to mark the workpiece.


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