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4 Pc. Techniks FT-116 #6 or 1/8" to #12 or 7/32" ER CNC Floating Tap Collet Set

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Part Number:Tech-FT1164IS
4 Pcs. Techniks Brand New FT-116 #6 or 1/8" to #12 or 7/32" ER Floating Tap (FT) Collet Set
  • Replaces expensive tapping heads
  • Reduced clearance requirements
  • Compatible with ER, RD, DR, ESX, BR or DIN 6499 collect pockets.
FT-116 Floating FT Tap Collets
Part#Tap "D"Tap Size
FT-116-141.141"1/8" or #6
FT-116-168.168"5/32" or #8
FT-116-194.194"3/16" or #10
FT-116-220.220"7/32" or #12

Floating Tap (FT) collets do the same job as expensive tapping heads and are the most economical solution to all your tapping needs.

FT collets are great for close center distance on CNC swiss lathes, or use them to eliminate clearance problems with conventional tapping attachments.

Simply program the machine 5% behind the recommended pitch feed of the tap to make the floating collet work. Return out of the tapped hole at 100%. Use Techniks “Power Coat” nut for extra holding power in the collet pocket.

Applications: CNC lathes, VDI turrets, angle heads, CNC machine center, swiss style turning machines, and driven heads on CNC lathe turrets.


Note: Please call me @ 401-490-1141 for any questions you may have. Quantity discount available.


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