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2pc Loc-Line 0.25" (L) x 0.16" (D) x 1/4" NPT/BSPT XR Style High Pressure Turret (HPT) Nozzles W/Adj. Lever

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2pc Loc-Line Made in USA 0.25" (Nozzle Length) x 0.16" (Nozzle Diameter) x 1/4" NPT/BSPT XR (Extended Rotation) Style High Pressure Turret (HPT) Nozzles with Adjustable Lever.The XR (Extended Rotation) style nozzle features a wide nozzle swing and the ability to aim coolant below the horizontal plane, from 0 to 1000 PSI.

High Pressure Turret (HPT) Nozzles expand the working pressure range to a maximum 1,000 PSI, allowing a higher level of machining while providing the same LOC-LINE quality and ease of control you've come to expect. Maximum operating temperature is 115℉.

Materials and Properties

Maximum Pressure: 1,000PSI

Maximum Temperature: 115℉ (Repeated exposure to this temperature will cause fatigue)

Never attempt to adjust nozzle while under pressure!

Material: Acetal Copolymer, Stainless Steel


Yes: Acetone, Alcohol, Ethyl, Greases, Oils, Commercial Dish Detergents, Gasoline, Lacquer, Solvents, Sodium Hydroxide

No: Chlorine, Acids, Ammonium Hydroxide, Bases Strong, Hypochlorite Ion Solutions, Sodium Hypochlorite

Note: Exposure to any chlorine based chemical will cause cracking and product failure!

Please note that all applications have variables and conditions that will affect the maximum working pressures. Testing suitability for your application is always recommended.

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