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100 Pcs. Holo-Krome  #6-32 x 3/4" (L) Socket Flat Head Cap Screws

100 Pcs. Holo-Krome #6-32 x 3/4" (L) Socket Flat Head Cap Screws

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100 Pcs. Holo-Krome Brand New Made in USA #6-32 x 3/4"(Long) UNRC Coarse Thread Series Heat Treated Alloy Steel Socket Flat Head Cap Screws
  • UNRC Coarse Thread Series
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel
  • Unified 3A Thread Fit
  • Meets ASME B18.3
  • Meets ASTM F835

The popularity of Flat Head Cap Screws grows because of its positive, hex-socket wrenching feature, use of heat-treated alloy steel and precision Class 3 fit threads.

Holo-Krome offers Flat Head Screws in 95 standard sizes. These heavy-duty screws are especially well suited to fastening thin plates, strips, moldings,and sheet metal parts where the advantages of maximum head contact, flush surfaces and nonslip wrenching action are combined.

  • Ideal for thin sections where heads cannot protrude.
  • Fastening where maximum flush and sidewall contact is required
  • Roller threader, headers, overhead rails for chain hoist

    Significant Features:
  • Non-Slip Driving: With the close-fitting, internally engaging hex key, power is transmitted for extra firm setups without loss through side play,reaming or slipping. Costly slips of the driving tool are avoided, along with possible damage both to the work and the screw.
  • Accurately Formed Heads: Screws have the standard 82 degree angle under the head. Sockets are accurately centered in the screwhead and are formed with clean edges without burrs. No ragged chips are in the socket bottom to prevent the full leverage of the hex key from being used.
  • Class 3 Fit Threads: The smooth, burnished threads are unsurpassed for accurancy and uniformity. Close frictional contact between screw threadsand threads of tapped hole is of paramount importance. The harder the screw is turned down with the sure-gripping key, the greater becomes the friction which is holding power.No Burred Slots: Hex-socket Flat Head Cap Screws are ideal for countersinking with complete closed head contact all around. No slivered or damaged slots caused by driving tool skids.An even surface is always assured.

Size #6-32
Overall Length 3/4"
Products Number Code 60030

Quality Statements for Holo-Krome Products

  • Maximum available strength
  • Precision 3A threads for greater clamping force
  • Radius root and radius run-out threads for structural integrity
  • Controlled fillets for uniform loading under the head
  • Holo-Code® stamped on socket heads as well as diameter and pitch, simplifying identification and traceability for users
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Inspection at controlled intervals — filing of test data for long term traceability, long term reliability
  • OVER 80 years of specialized engineering support–manufactured, tested and certified in our Wallingford, CT facility.