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100 Pcs. Holo-Krome 5/16" x 7/8" (L) Standard Dowel Pins - Black Lustre Finish

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Part Number:HK 01068
100 Pcs. Holo-Krome Brand New Made in USA 5/16" x 7/8"(Long) Black Lustre Finish Standard Dowel Pins
  • .0002" Over Listed Diameter
  • Rust Resistant
  • Meets ASME B18.8.2

Dowel pins are designed to achieve maximum holding power in assemblies where parts must be accurately positioned and held in absolute relations to one another.

No longer are dowels put in wherever there happens to be available space; they serve definite and important functions in holding parts in alignment by absorbing side pressures and lateral thrusts, at the same time facilitating quick disassembly re-assembly in their exact relationship.

In diemaking and precision tool design, where tolerances often split thousandths of an inch, it is critical that correct doweling methods and the right dowel pins be used. It is important to bear in mind that dowel pins should be employed for locating purposes and never to replace a screw for fastening purposes.

Holo-Krome “Tru-Ground” dowel pin has filled the need for a pin with all the strength and precision needed to meet present day conditions…and at a far lower cost.

  • Plugs, gauges, and measuring rolls
  • Used as hinge and wrist pins, allowing speedy
  • assembly and insuring a tight fit in either member

Always press dowel pins into place using an arbor press. Never strike with any material or tool including a hammer. Doing so may cause the dowel to splinter and may result in serious bodily injury.

Size 5/16"
Overall Length 7/8"
Products Number Code 01068

Quality Statements for Holo-Krome Products

  • Maximum available strength
  • Precision 3A threads for greater clamping force
  • Radius root and radius run-out threads for structural integrity
  • Controlled fillets for uniform loading under the head
  • Holo-Code® stamped on socket heads as well as diameter and pitch, simplifying identification and traceability for users
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Inspection at controlled intervals — filing of test data for long term traceability, long term reliability
  • OVER 80 years of specialized engineering support–manufactured, tested and certified in our Wallingford, CT facility.