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10 Pcs. Techniks CAT 50-ANSI-C x 45 Coolant Pull Studs for Matsura CNC Mill

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Part Number:Tech-21005C-10
10 Pcs. Techniks Brand New CAT50-ANSI-C x 45 Degree Coolant Through Pull Studs/Retention Knobs for Boston Digital, Burgmaster, Davis Tool, Devlieg, Excello, Forest Line, Fritz-Werner, Giddings & Lewis, Juaristi, Kearney-Trecker, Kingsbury, Komo, Leadwell, Lyons, Maho, Masco, Matsura, Monarch, Morey, Niigata, Ooya, Pratt & Whitney, Sundstrand, Taurus, Toyoma, Tree, Waldrich Coburn, Walter Helitronic, White-Sundstrand, Wotan & Zayer CNC Mill.


    Techniks Retention Knobs
  • All mating surfaces precision ground
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • for maximum safety and long life Look up Retention Knobs Sockets by CNC machine manufacturer


Please make sure that the Retention Knob you order is the correct one for your machine. Using the wrong Retention Knob can cause damage to your machine spindle, the tool holder, and may cause a safety hazard

Part# TypeAngle (Ø)d1d2d3Ll1l2T
21005CAT 50-ANSI45 Deg.1.140"0.820"0.820"2.30"1.00"0.770"1-8"

Note: Please call me @ 401-490-1141 for any questions you may have. Quantity discount available.