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10 Pcs. Lamina APKT 1003-PDRT LT 30 Carbide Milling Inserts-Ti, Ni,S.S,CI & Aluminum

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10 Pcs. Lamina-Nexus Cutting Tool APKT 1003-PDTR (rad- .031"), Grade: LT 30 Carbide Milling Inserts

Multi purpose 90° Milling insert. Suitable for Roughing to Finishing-Slotting, Shoulder and Face Ramping down Milling operations

Grade: LT 30, A sub-micro grain substrate with a very thick high-pulse PVD coating with better adhesion than normal coatings. It can be run in all materials including aluminum, The Lamina Multi-Mat(TM) LT 30 Grade for Milling can machine most materials with ONLY ONE GRADE (Steel, Stainless, Cast Iron, High Temp. Alloys, Hardened Steel, Aluminum & Non ferrous Alloys)

Lamina Technologies High-Performance

3 x the Thickness of Conventional PVD!

  • Ultra-thick, patented PVD coating dramatically increases tool life
  • Very low flank and plastic deformation minimize or eliminate offsets
  • Advanced high-performance grade offers ultimate versatility
  • Exceptional performance in High Temp Alloys
  • Breakthroughs in honing and coating technologies
  • Thickest PVD coating in the industry
  • Freedom from the cycle of ""new grade"" announcements
  • Facing, longitudinal turning, internal and external operations
  • Fits standard cutters available in all markets
  • Excellent toughness & wear resistance

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