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10 Pcs. Holo-Krome 1-8 x 3-1/4" (L) Socket Head Cap Screws

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10 Pcs. Holo-Krome Brand New Made in USA 1-8 x 3-1/4"(Long) UNRC Coarse Thread Series 1960 Heat Treated Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws
  • UNRC Coarse Thread 1960 Series
  • Heat Treated Alloy Steel
  • Unified 3A Thread Fit
  • Holo-Code Traceable
  • Meets ASME B18.3
  • Meets ASTM A574

Save Space, Weight, and Material
Holo-Krome socket head cap screws contribute in important ways in carrying out modern design techniques which call for smooth contours and surfaces, elimination of clumsy, bulky parts and use of lighter constructions as they apply to flanges, lugs, pockets, and cover plates.

Because Holo-Krome Screws are Thermo-Forged® of alloy steel and scientifically heat treated, they are stronger than conventional screws, size for size. Hence, fewer screws – or smaller screws – are required to fulfill a given holding assignment. As a general rule, a Holo-Krome cap screw is comparable in strength to an ordinary screw of the next larger standard diameter.

    Significant Features:
  • Thermo-Forging®: Preserves the metal fibers – continuous and uncut. The result is a stronger screw with 15-20% increased resistance to fatigue failure.
  • Dimensional Control: Critical areas such as under head bearing surface and radius, run-out thread section and thread profile are designed carefully.
  • Precision Threads: Present methods ensure smooth, burnished threads unsurpassed for uniformity and accuracy.

      Size 1-8
      Length Under Head 3-1/4"
      Products Number Code 72378

      Quality Statements for Holo-Krome Products

      • Maximum available strength
      • Precision 3A threads for greater clamping force
      • Radius root and radius run-out threads for structural integrity
      • Controlled fillets for uniform loading under the head
      • Holo-Code® stamped on socket heads as well as diameter and pitch, simplifying identification and traceability for users
      • ISO 9001:2008 certified
      • Inspection at controlled intervals — filing of test data for long term traceability, long term reliability
      • OVER 80 years of specialized engineering support–manufactured, tested and certified in our Wallingford, CT facility.

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